Chasing the theory of everything

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is directed towards fundamental problems of physics, cosmology and general theory of systems. Already a century the two main theories describing the observable universe – quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, can not be combined. One is proven valid in the world of elementary particles, the other is unmistakable in the description of the behavior of stars and galaxies. Between them, however, there is no common language between them. When we add to this the recently discovered dark energy and dark matter, we face startling fact that the two main theories of physics explain the behavior of only 4% of the estimated scale of the universe. Meanwhile, very deep questions about the nature of space and time still stay open: how they appear from nowhere with the Big Bang? It already took decades trying to build mathematical models of strings theory and quantum gravity. They are compelling persuasive, but we do not have any criteria to determine what is actually of these theories is valid and what is not, and how can all of them be internally consistent, but only one is real? However, what is the relationship between these abstractions at universal scale and the future of Man inhabiting a speck wandered through the endless expanses of the universe? In fact, this relationship may be crucial to understanding the fundamental issues in the human dimension – how we think and how we know the world. The process of thinking is a product of the evolution of the Universe and its knowledge lies the answer to the question of Man’s self-knowledge. The old question of the philosophy about the identity of being and consciousness bequeathed to today’s modern “exact” sciences, remains hanging in full force, and its answer requires an understanding of the fundamentals of Nature and what Nature the Man represents himself. The lack of this fundamental response is one of the reasons for the fragmentation of the human sciences and the inevitable perception of the Man as a complex, very complex, but still machine. Therefore from Stream “Cosmos” we would expect to receive a substantial contribution to the understanding of the human future.

Space-time structures of Universe

Space-time structures of Universe

The Universe phenomena could be described as mutually connected space points. There are two major classes of possible space configurations: linear and spherical. The linear space contains finite number of mutually connected points, whose finity is defined by their... read more

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