Quantum theory of the human being

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is perhaps the most intriguing for many people. Currently the world’s leading economic powers devote space budgets for the study of the human brain. Progress in purely practical problems as demand for Internet content, translation or transcription software for speech to text also require solving key tasks of creating artificial intelligence. However, the approach remains typical of modern science: discrete description of something that is comprehensive and continuous. The mystery of the human person continues to stand and only now beginning to realize that it is very difficult to understand its enigma, without understanding how works the human organism as a whole, and the nature of life in general. We believe that these grandiose scientific problems can not be solved without the ideas that will generate other streams of Human Future Project. We can not understand how a person thinks, without having a working theory of space, time and reality of all levels we know. We can not create AI having no idea what is this Mind, how it occurs in space at all scales of life and life itself as unique or universal cosmic phenomenon. The Stream “Intellect” will offer our approach to solving these problems, which directly corresponds to, but differs from the ideas of other people and groups working in this direction.

Consciousness and Thinking

Consciousness and Thinking

The question of the nature of mental processes in humans still has no satisfactory answer. In science, many attempts were made to build working models of human thinking, but none of them can boast of completeness. We still do not know how the man thinks. This... read more
System Theory of Reason

System Theory of Reason

To understand man as a system is necessary to formulate the basic concepts of an axiomatic system theory with which man can be studied and described. Basic definitions First, we need to clarify what we will mean by the term component of a system. System components... read more

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