Introduction to Dialectical Logic

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will be based on the program for the unification of philosophy and mathematics as the most abstract tools of scientific knowledge forward by Bulgarian philosopher Dr. Ivan Punchev in four volumes of his “Introduction to the dialectical logic”. We should find practical solutions to this union because it will give scientific methodology that will be applied in other streams of the project. The Stream “Logos” is not directed only to philosophers and mathematicians, but to all who want to understand the history of scientific knowledge as a form of evolution of the human mind in general, and the changes we are facing. Initially the themes in Stream “Logos” will be dedicated to the popular exposition of ideas of mathematical dialectics and dialectical mathematics in “Introduction to the dialectical logic”, but gradually the focus will shift on specific tasks set by Dr. Punev in his work: study the algebra of complex numbers as a formal apparatus of dialectical logic, mathematical modeling algorithms for dialectical deduction, fractal structure of the dialectical concept as a universal scheme for analysis.

Introduction to the system of dialectical logic

Introduction to the system of dialectical logic

The work of Ivan Punchev entitled “Introduction to the system of dialectical logic is composed by four books dedicated to one of the most fundamental and most difficult problems in philosophy. This is building of integral system of rational dialectical logic.... read more

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