The Human Future Project

In the early 21st century, the most studied object of science was The Man. At the same time, the object unknown to science is The Man again. The so-called humanities provide us with a wealth of data on a daily basis about our existence. The human body is broken down to its smallest building blocks, but we are still helpless against disease. The human brain has been studied with the means of several sciences, but how we think still remains a mystery to us. The behavior of each of us is described and classified, but still no one knows exactly how a person is formed. There is no working theory to predict the movement of man-made values. There is no way of modeling the future of nations and the world to withstand the scrutiny of time. How exactly does The Man interact with the planet they inhabit is still in the realm of guesswork.

We need to understand The Man as a system, and more precisely as a continuous systematic process arising from the total flow of reality of which we ourselves are only a part. This totality of man cannot be understood without understanding the totality of reality itself.

The Human Future project is an attempt to define and study this totality. The goals set also require a certain organization of the Project. We see it as consisting of four main streams that will flow continuously into each other (that’s why we’re not talking about traditional science sections).

The first Logos stream will focus on the most abstract theories of scientific thinking itself, because a holistic approach to The Man also requires an appropriate holistic methodological framework to be applied to the individual streams of our research.

The second Cosmos stream addresses the fundamental problems of physics, cosmology, and general systems theory. The Intellect stream is probably the most intriguing for many people. Advances in purely applied tasks, such as searching for content on the Internet, language translation, or speech-to-text transcription software, also require key tasks from the creation of Artificial Intelligence. In the Intellect stream, we will offer our approach to solving these problems, which directly corresponds with, but also differs from, the ideas of other people and groups working in this area, in particular with its integration in the cosmos as a whole.

The Socium stream seems to be addressing the most pressing problems that affect each of us – 6 billion human beings. But beyond the specific questions of what will happen to this or that global economic crisis, what will be the fate of countries, peoples and cultures, what miracles the technology will still bring us, there are deeper questions. Are there universal laws in human history or is it just a series of coincidences? What made us people? How far will the human mind in its present form extend in time? What lies behind the so-called. “Singularity”? What is Reason as a Cosmic Phenomenon, and Can We Predict Where We Will Meet It in the Universe as We Have Successfully Discover Exoplanets? Without answering these questions, our knowledge of the Human future will be particularly incomplete.